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Christmas Newsletter 2010

Family & Friends!

Hope you like our “photo” card -- there were no waterfowl hurt in its production! The year began as many recent years have started, with me spending time on the “County Vacation Plan” -- many of you call it the “local jail”. Rooms are cold & small, concrete floors, hard beds, you can't see out the windows, and awful food! I really need to find another travel agent!

I continued my NonViolent actions for Family Law Reform until March. There were a lot of arrests and charges, but in the end everything was dismissed. It was good to see a few newspaper stories and it was nice to…

New Site Design

Yup. After years of having the same old site design, its time for something new. So we welcome you to the new, improved, vastly different (but same great content) Murtari Homepage.

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