Garden Panorama


Here is a nice panorama of our garden

As you can see, starting from left to right we have a few Zucchini and a row of Savoy Cabbage.  Those are followed by couple of rows of green beans.  The one leafy plant you see in the middle of one of the bean rows is a sunflower (that grew by itself).  Then there is a row of small pepper plants followed by three rows of tomatoes (in metal cages).  That is followed by another row of peppers and lettuce (we also planted romaine lettuce between the tomato plants).  Then there is a row of spinach and a row of Swiss chard.

Following those rows is a row of onions, started from seed.  They are followed by a row of green peas and then two rows of the classic Fava plant. Our strawberry/raspberry patch is after those, but not visible in the panorama.  They are next to our garage, the green structure in the background.

Oh - almost forgot!  In the foreground of the picture, again from left to right, you can see a large Zucchini plant, followed by cucumber, followed by six tomato plants of varying varieties.  These are plants that were started early, while there was still a danger of frost, but could be covered.

You can see our strawberry patch here. To see a close up of just a few of the strawberries, just click on the image.

Of course, we rarely get to eat the fruit.  The birds take care of most of it -- and whatever they leave the squirrels eat!

For starting seeds in the early spring, we just started using a 'cold frame' for the plants.

© John and Domenic Murtari 2011